Why Should I Have My Mattress Cleaned?

Think about a place where you spend roughly ⅓ of your life. Think about how the sanitation of that one place can affect your health and your personal hygiene.

That’s right, I’m talking about the place where you sleep: your mattress!

When was the last time you had your mattress cleaned by a professional mattress cleaner ? Can’t remember? Never had it cleaned? Didn’t know it was necessary to have it cleaned? Well, after reading this, you’ll realise that cleaning your mattress once a year is a no-brainer and completely necessary for many healthy, and sanitary nights of sleep!

When we sleep, we sweat and shed millions of skin cells. Our sweat causes odours and staining. The oils from our skin accumulate and can wear away the mattress top.

How about all of those skin cells that leave our body? They get deposited into the fabric of our mattresses.

This is where the major problem comes in. Dust mites just love human skin cells. Since we shed millions of skin cells each night, these little critters have a constant food source! They’re not going anywhere.

So what is the problem with dust mites? Well, the major issue here is that the excrement from dust mites contains allergens that will trigger reactions in the human body. The consistent accumulation of this allergen-containing excrement can create a seriously unhealthy space in your mattress. And remember, you spend ⅓ of your life on your mattress. According to WebMD, within ten years, dead dust mites and their excrement can double the weight of your mattress!

People with allergies and asthma are especially sensitive to the allergens left behind in dust mite excrement. The routine washing of bed sheets and pillowcases is obviously a must. While washing your sheets, it is a great idea to go over your mattress with your vacuum. Just hook up the upholstery tool and give the mattress a thorough vacuuming. This helps remove dust mites and other soils that are dry and not yet embedded in the mattress.

Besides washing your sheets and vacuuming, the best method to prevent dust mite buildup and extend the life of your mattress is to have mattress cleaned professionally. A professional will use state of the art equipment and solutions to do what a vacuum cleaner and washing machine simply can’t. It is best to have this done once a year to ensure that these nasty dust mites, odors, excrement, and body oils don’t build up to the point that you’d need to replace your mattress.